Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Formally announcing our two little gifts from heaven.

11.28.11 4:16am Levi Ryan Harris 3lbs 6oz 17in
11.28.11  4:19am Caleb Ryan Harris 3lbs 2oz 16in

                                                                             photos by Kelli Salter

Stay tuned for more living . . .

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Photos by Kelli Salter

Umm . . . I think this twin thing is going to be kinda fun :)

 Stay tuned for more living . . .

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The End of Something Can Be a Good Thing . . .

Sometimes the end can lead to great beginnings.
I am sooooo happy to say it is the end of the NICU for us, and I am bursting to announce the beginning of our family life with the twins.
Let the chaos begin!

 Our driving back and forth from home to the NICU, never ending pumping to keep my milk supply up, guilt from leaving our girls over and over again to go to the hospital, guilt from not spending enough time at the NICU with the boys, and the stress of watching the monitors beep and flash when one or both boys heart rate and oxygen saturation would drop is now over!
No more!
 Here's how it all went down . . .

Levi was doing so great, the Dr. took his feeding tube out and told us to prepare for his homecoming in a couple of days but...

that night he started having a lot of bradycardia episodes and would need to be in the NICU for a while longer. We thought he was slowing down so his little brother had a chance to catch up.
Caleb took the chance and ran with it. He actually pulled his feeding tube out himself and came home 4 days later.

We put them together one last time in the NICU

       Caleb's bassinet is all stripped clean while Levi on the left was left behind.

       Because the girls were under 18 and it was flu season, they weren't allowed to see the twins in the NICU. After over a month and a half of waiting, they finally met their brother Caleb for the first time.
                                                            It was love at first sight!
                      They took him hiking, gave him a bath and showered him with loves and kisses.
3 days later, to our surprise Levi progressed enough to join his brother at home. . .

with his sisters.
We are one big happy family with a lot of diapers, laundry and love!

Stay tuned for more living . . .