Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Days Old

Ok, so I thought I was going to be alright leaving my boys in good hands at the NICU while coming home to recuperate. I'm not going to lie, it was not easy. Granted I have a lot of hormones going on, it just didn't feel right to leave the hospital, no longer pregnant, without my babies. It took me back to that place where I had to leave Max at the hospital . . . not a good place. I had a lot going on around me and in my mind when I got home but was so happy to wake up with a clear mind knowing that life is amazing and incredible and we are truly blessed. I have one boy in Heaven looking down and watching over us, two boys getting excellent care at the NICU, two girls who bring us so much happiness and adventure, and a husband who loves me.

Ryan and I are visiting the boys for about five hours a day; where we are now able to hold, change diapers, and help out the nursing staff with whatever they need. We are so excited to say, thanks to prayers, modern technology and medicine, that the boys are doing amazing! They are no longer on oxygen or forced air, they are accepting their food through a tube that goes in their nose to their stomachs and are now off their IV's. Caleb's weight had dropped to 2lbs 14oz but is now tied with Levi at 3lbs 5oz. Pretty soon they will just be tiny regular newborns.

Just as I was getting settled into the routine of "visiting" my boys and being at home to take care of my girls, I woke up to conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), yuck! The NICU is a very sterile place and my heart fell with the fear of not being able to visit my boys. I called the nurse, who talked with the Dr. and she told me, in a nice way, that I wasn't allowed to enter the NICU and would not be able to see or hold my sons. I had to hurry and get off the phone so I didn't break down on the phone. It's been 3 days now without seeing them. Sometimes you have to search for that happy place to go to when it's not right in front of you. I've been doing a lot of searching :) I am feeling better and will probably look back and not even remember this short time with out seeing my little guys. In the meantime, I am so happy they are doing so well in the NICU.

Ryan is a natural at this.
... And this.
He's super grumpy that his mom isn't there :)

Stay tuned for more living . . .


Ann said...

You're warming my heart with the update.

Meghann said...

They look fantastic! I'm so sorry you have to be away from them. We'll keep praying you're all home together as soon as possible.

Meagan said...

They are beautiful Leanne! I am so happy they are doing so well. What a wonderful blessing!

Ali said...

The pictures are beautiful!! I am so sorry you got sick, what a bummer. I am impressed that you can change a diaper with your arms through holes. That is talent. I hope you get better soon, and back to your boys. love ya guys!!

Meiken said...

Loved, Loved, LOVED the pictures and the update! Been thinking and praying about all of you, especially those little boys! I will now start my prayers for your quick recovery so you can get back in that NICU. xo

The Francis Family said...

This would be so hard. I can't imagine having a child in the hospital and not being able to see them. The boys seems to be doing great though. So excited to see the pictures.

Megan said...

To have them attached to you for months and then not be able to be there with them would be tough. You're in my thoughts everyday. I can't wait to meet the little guys in a few weeks. Thanks for keeping us updated with photos until then. Love you!

Rachel said...

that has to be incredibly hard---my friend had her c-section last friday--and by sunday her little one had to go to NICU because she aspirated during delivery and now has pneumonia---i cant imagine coming home without the coziness of the little one to hold!! I'm glad you are able to spend time with them and for them to feel you---
i have another friend who has four girls and JUST gave birth to triplets (2 boys and a girl) I am going over next week to "help"--poor mommy and daddy are exhausted! could you IMAGINE?!

Christina said...

sorry that is me in the last comment christina hales--guess i was logged into my daughters account--geesh!

Rachael said...

SO tiny & so cute! Sorry to hear about your pink eye! Get better fast!

Emily said...

Love them! We are thinking of you guys everyday and can't wait to meet them!

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