Thursday, October 13, 2011


A lot more happened in August . . .

Charlie decided she wanted to learn how to ride her bike. She literally hopped on her bike and rode off. It's amazing what you can do with a little desire and determination.

The girls started their first day of school. It was a morning full of mixed emotions and tears, but in the end they were brave and realized they really didn't have a choice. :)

Charlie wanted to wear her Lego Star Wars shirt in honor of her brother Max.

We celebrated my dad's 65th birthday. The candles on the cake didn't even begin to describe the warmth and glow that is in my dad's heart. If you have met him or ever will meet him, you will know what I am talking about.

Jared and Kelli had a little boy. It's great living close and being a part of special moments like these.

Abby waited almost 9 months for this little guy to come into the world. She begged to be there soon after the birth so see the cute little guy and capture the moment. She is one proud cousin!

Stay tuned for more living . . .


Kimberly said...

I love the Hello Kitty shirt with the skull and crossbones helmet. What more does a girl need?

Abby is looking so grown up! She is an awesome cousin and Dylan's lucky to have her close by.

We miss you guys!

Ali said...

YOur girls have grown up. I still think of Charlie as this cute little toddler walking around church. They are so beautiful!! I am glad they got there first day of school over with, that is always a hard step. We love ya guys!!!

Anita Bean said...

It has been far too long that I have been out of touch with you and your parents. I have been thinking of your family and how we lost touch after you left Texas and I finished my mission. Anyhow, I found your blog and almost cried at seeing the picture of your parents with your beautiful girls! They really are some of the most special people in the world. I can hardly wait to read through here a little more and see what has been going on in your life! I would love to hear from you and hope we could get in touch again.
Much love to you from the once Sister Moreno and now Anita Toombs

Christina said...

Newborns are just yummy!!

Cracking up with the girlie pink bike and then that rocking crossbones helmet--classic.

Yeah for happy first day of school--was your house so quiet? This is year two of mine gone ALL.DAY.LONG--my HS daughter is gone for seminary by 6am and not home till 5pm..i feel like i wont see her till next summer?!

Bart & Misty said...

Just seeing this picture of your dad reminds me of how warm and loving he was! And I'm not surprised Charlie rode her bike so well, I'm sure she takes after you like that... show her once and she will conquer it!

Anonymous said...

How is the pregnancy going? I'm so happy for you that you're having twins!