Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mid State Fair

The Mid State Fair is something that is definitely talked about in SLO. We decided to check it out. Our girls experienced their first fair and saw their first concert.

My sweet mom and dad didn't want to miss it.
The music was good and loud and my dad didn't even have to wear his hearing aids ;)

Train got the night started

Maroon 5 ended it with a smash. Abby wasn't quite sure why everyone was screaming with excitement when Adam started smashing his perfectly nice guitar.

We had so much fun that night, we decided to go back again on Monday.

The girls have their daddy wrapped around their cute little fingers. When they asked him if he could pretty please win them a stuffed animal . . .

. . . he couldn't say no.

We suprised the girls with Big Time Rush and Selena Gomez concert tickets

It was a fair they will never forget.

Stay tuned for more living . . .