Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Year Without Max

In a few days will mark the one year anniversary of my son's accident. Every morning I have been waking up and thinking of him and what we were doing one year ago. It seems like a lifetime ago, but I hold the memories so close to me I feel that special time will never be too far away. From the day school was out to the time of his accident was almost magical. Every morning Ryan would wake Max up to go surfing with him and on the way home would stop at the local gas station and grab some sort of junk food. I would always see the wrapper in the garage trash and give him a hard time about it but inside I was happy he was having fun with his dad. He would walk in on the girls and I having breakfast with wet sandy hair and ask with excitement what we were going to do for the day. To Max, everyday was a blank canvas ready to become a masterpiece. We would pick peaches from our tree and strawberries from our garden, have all the windows and doors open at our house and just let the freshness of summer fill us with happiness. Life was good and we knew it. We rode our bikes everywhere. We would ride to visit Ryan at work, go for some frozen yogurt, pack our backpacks and head to the beach, visit ducks at the pond or go to the movies. Ryan seemed to take extra time from work and share our summer adventures with us. Last summer was probably the best few weeks of my life until July 2nd. His accident still doesn't seem real until I wake up to only a memory or picture of Max's sweet face and it reminds me how real it is and my heart hurts. But, with all of my hurt comes arms filled with blessings. I have a drive to be good; I have a strong will to be my best. I want my son to see me succeed the way I believe he has. I am not perfect but I want to choose goodness, I want to choose happiness. I feel like when trials come my way, and they will, just like they will to everyone, I will do my best to overcome them because I know that God is with me and Max is with me. I don't think any summer will be as sweet and special as the beginning of last summer but I am ready to make this one filled with adventure, excitement, and some good old fashion fun!

Stay tuned for more living . . . 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving . . . Again

So we are moving to San Luis Obispo tomorrow. Am I excited? Yes. Am I sad? A part of me is. Are we going to have an adventure up there? Of course! What am I hopeing for? That the girls will find their BFF's.

Besides being close to family and friends, here are some things I am excited about...

Our breathtaking rose garden

(the rest of the pics were taken with my iphone)

the backyard!

Tire swings

(this is actually our neighbors but we will be putting one up very soon)

Soda at the Barn

rolling around in the grass

Come and visit us!

Stay tuned for more living . . .