Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter at the Ranch

Before we headed up to San Luis Obispo, we hung out with my parents at the beach

We met Todd, Ashley, Nate, Meg and kids at the Ranch to enjoy the wide open space together and celebrate Easter.

Here are the boys getting ready for the paint gun battle. Harris v. May et. al.

The very cute cheerleaders

Happy Easter Charlie Bug!!

The kids had a pretty amazing Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I couldn't find the camera in time to catch some shots of the hunt but if any of you are visiting, keep an eye out for the golden egg, the Easter Bunny hid it a little too good :)

To finish the holiday of ATV rides, hot tubbing and cinnamon rolls Ryan talked about the Resurrection to the kids, Nate grilled up an amazing Easter feast and we all enjoyed each others company.

Happy Easter

Stay tuned for more living


Ann said...

The ranch setting is gorgeous! The cheerleaders are too cute and the warriors are hilarious!

The Francis Family said...

Is that A ranch or YOUR ranch?! Beautiful. Looks like such fun times outside. Great to see Mike and Di at the beach. I'm sure there's no where else she would rather be. You also made me want to go back to Hawaii really bad. Watched Soul Surfer today for Chad's bday which also made me want to go to Hawaii really bad. Thought of Ryan catching some sweet waves. There's an indoor surfing place in the Riverwoods by your old condo. Guess that's as close as we can get right now :)

Christina said...

The Ranch looks amazing! We'll have to coordinate a Harris vs Hales paintball war--only last time I went "shooting" (Lazer tag with Jason on a date) in Randy's warehouse --there was a "situation" which you'll have to ask Jason about that happened BEFORE we got to the warehouse--SO DANG FUNNY! One of my MOST embarrassing moments EVER---im pretty sure even Randy can tell you about it! good times....

Jessica Sorensen said...

I wish I hadn't been so sick while I was in SLO I could have come said hi and seen your awesome ranch.