Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy 60th!

We were able to celebrate Ryan's parent's 60th birthday on a cruise in Hawaii. Oh man, is Hawaii beautiful or what!! I had never been on a cruise before. I always thought I would be claustrophobic, eat too much and get sea sick. It was nothing like that! We explored different Islands every day, ate when we wanted and were entertained in the evenings.

This was the only Taxi available to accommodate our large group and luggage. A few months ago when I was deciding what car I was going to buy, the girls said they wanted a limo or a motor home. They were disappointed when I didn't get either one, so they were really excited to ride in the old school 1980's limo. I was grossed out by the strange stains; look at the ceiling above. The girls' feelings of excitement won over all the cooties I was feeling and we had a really fun ride to the ship.

Welcome to Honolulu

Hiking to the Seven Sacred Pools in Maui

Ryan just walked up to the falls, took his shirt off, scaled the mountainside and gracefully dove off the top. Look close at the pic to see him diving. Something about the act was pretty sexy. Especially when that big buff guy on the left stood at the top for many minutes before getting enough guts just to jump off; then flopped in like an oaf when he hit the water. When Ryan came in, I kissed him, slapped him on the behind and told him to never do that again.

Watching the dive.

The kids enjoying the swim with Grammy and Papa

Next stop . . . Hilo

Stay tuned for more living . . .

Friday, April 15, 2011

Breaking in the New Place

We are getting settled into our new place in Oceanside. We bought an old condo and for the last 4 months I have been engulfed in the process of gutting it and rebuilding it. Have any of you seen Sarah's House on HGTV? Her theory is that you can buy a cheaper house, rebuild it to fit your style while staying in your budget, and it would be the same amount you would have spent on a nice house in the same neighborhood. I put it to the test and it proved true! We were debating between 2 condos; one that we were renting, it was really nice and completely finished and an older condo down the street that needed a LOT of TLC. In the end we opted for the older one and I am so happy we did. Now, it is perfectly us.

Pictures to come soon . . . it turned out really awesome!

Here are some sneak peeks of us breaking it in and some of the occupants.

Creating some family art to hang on the wall

Ryan and I did have our shirts on :)

Sophisticated Mr. Bugsy

Enjoys his well balanced meals, head scratches and walks on the beach.

Mr. Peanut

Happy, hyper, quite the Houdini and could probably power our condo with all the spinning he does on his wheel.

The girls are in LOVE.

Stay tuned for more living . . .

Monday, April 11, 2011

Heaven On Earth

I was thinking about things the other night and wondering . . . if Heaven is so wonderful and so great, why are we so set on living long and playing out this life full of continuous ups and downs, where the ups seem short and the downs seem extra long? We have been talking to our girls about the incredible place called Heaven where Max is, and how he is really happy there. Out of the blue, Abby, my deep thinker told Ryan and me that she didn't want to be here anymore and that she wanted to go to Heaven. We were taken back by the comment and talked to her about how, in life, we have a lot of choices, but when we leave this earth will be God's choice. We talked to her about a lot of other things too. Her comment did make me think. In my heart, I was on the same page as her. I'm over it, I'm over this place called earth and this thing called life . . . it's hard. I want to be in a great place with my little bud Max and the rest of my family. A place where there are no worries, only love and peace. I'm tired of people being bad, tired of wondering if people are telling me the truth or not, I'm tired of having to shelter my kids or tell them to turn their heads away from inappropriate things or worry about "danger strangers". So what's the point? Avoiding as much evil or bad as possible? Everything I've heard about Heaven is sweet, I want to go there really bad but like I told my little girl, when we go is not our call. I read someone write "The only way to really prepare for death is by living life to its fullest." I don't take that as, eat, drink, and be merry; I read it as . . . the only way to really prepare for death is by living to our fullest potential. Every vacation I have taken with Ryan, we play the "Could you live here" game. When I think about a place I would want to live, it's Heaven . . . a place of peace, love and beauty. Let's bring a bit of Heaven here to earth. Let's be kind to others, love each other, and not argue as much. Those little grudges that your holding onto . . . let them go, in the long run they don't really matter anyway. Open your eyes and look around you, there are so many beautiful people out there, let's reach out to them, help each other, lift each other up. Be honest with each other and honest to ourselves.

Let's live to our fullest potential and live life to its fullest!

Stay tuned for more living . . .

Friday, April 8, 2011

Charlie Jackson

Charlie loves music. When we heard about Justin Beiber and fell in love with the sweet boy with amazing talent, we thought for sure she would feel the same. Nope. Her first and only true love is Michael Jackson and according to her, there is no room for anyone else.

One day after school, she threw herself and her tears, yes real tears, onto my bed and confessed that all her friends are in love with Justin "Beaver" and nobody but her is in love with Michael Jackson. I told her that daddy and I love Michael Jackson too, gave her a kiss on her forehead and we went up and made some fruit soup, her favorite, and forgot all about it... below is what I found in her backpack the next day.

I think it was a statement of commitment to her class.

There's just a few problems with that purchase, but I didn't have the heart to tell her.

stay tuned for more living . . .