Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seville, Spain

Things to do in Seville, Spain:

Eat some Tapas, a small Spanish dish . . . check
Watch a Flamenco dancing show . . . check
Ride a horse and buggy through the town . . . check
Watch bullfighting . . . maybe next time
Watch a crazy street performer . . . check
See where “Don Juan” started his legend of love, where Columbus started his voyage and ended it, and marvel at the inspiring gardens and architecture . . . check, check, check.

Till we meet again Seville, you are beautiful, you treated us well and my kids loved you.
Don Juan has nothing on you.

stay tuned for more living


Ann said...

Ahhh Seville. Beautiful warm Seville. A world away from two feet of blowing snow.

Kimberly said...

Your posts are one gorgeous postcard after another. Please keep traveling so I can keep making lists of places I need to visit. =)

Megs said...

such beautiful pictures, as always!

Anonymous said...

so amazing getting to enjoy your blog, you are all in our prayers, love you so much.
Happy Birthday month!
love you,
Katie Chandler & family :)
530-592-5648, miss u!

The Francis Family said...

Hope you had a great birthday in Florida. I love seeing all of your travels and your cute girls. Thinking of you lots.

Christina said...

Your photos seriously are postcard worthy!

The boots on all the girls is just too cute--

my two younger girls Anna/Becca are wanting their hair LONG LIKE THE HARRIS GIRLS---we've made it from a bob hair cut to just past the shoulders--on our way to cuteness!

Anonymous said...


My name is David Dowling. A family friend suggested I check out your blog because my wife and I are taking our 4 young children to Seville this summer. I am hoping, if your time permits, that you might be able to give me some advice on a good place to stay and some things to do in Seville. Any help is greatly appreciated!! My email address is:

Your blog is inspiring! Thank you.