Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Snow Globe Christmas

We decided it would be best to head out and surround ourselves with new scenery to lighten the heavy feelings this Christmas was bound to bring. We jumped in on Ryan's parents and Kelli and Jared's family plans as they traveled for the holidays. We couldn't have picked a more perfect combination of a cold winter wonderland and the warm feelings between a loving family and four little girls with pure Christmas spirit. It was definitely a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons.

Nuremberg, Germany Christmas markets

Rothenburg Od Der Tauber, Germany

We rode a horse drawn sleigh and sang Christmas carols all the way up to Southern Germany's inspiring Neuschwanstein (Cinderella's Castle).

Christkindl Markt in Salzburg, Austria . . .

where the delicious sounds and smells guide you to handcrafted shops and hot chocolate so thick you can eat it with a spoon.

A beautiful view of Salzburg, Jared, Kelli and the girls

Christmas Eve in Budapest, was detailed with our tradition of acting out the birth of baby Jesus, unwrapping a few gifts and reading a Christmas story.
This year we were honored to have Abby read her own written Christmas story titled
"Snowing in Oceanside."

Christmas morning consisted of puffy ponies, pillow pets, two really happy girls,
and one amazing moustache.

Merry Christmas!!

stay tuned for more living


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. I am sitting here enjoying these photos with your lovely mother at Adam and Courtneys place. What a wonderful photo journey we have enjoyed as we scrolled through these pictures.

We are overjoyed at the beautiful sight of this new family all at home together.

Many blessings on your trip. Cindy

*megan said...

We missed you guys this Christmas. But loved seeing your adventures here on your blog. Wish we were there too! Love you. Merry Christmas!

Nathan said...

Merry Christmas Ryan and Leanne! Sorry we missed you on the call today.

Ann said...

We have loved every minute of our Christmas adventure together.

Rachael said...

I dream of going to Europe during Christmas time. It looks so beautiful!

Megs said...

beautiful pictures! what a lovely family and lovely christmas.

Felicity May said...

Your pictures are beautiful! We sure miss you guys, but nothing makes me happier than to see those cute smiling faces! Tell the girls "fishy" is well taken care of and is safe from the wild hands of Beckham:) Have a wonderful trip.

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm glad you guys are there together and having such a good time. We love you!

Meiken said...

Beautiful pictures! I agree with Felicity...LOVE those smiling faces!
Love you guys and Merry Christmas!

Rhonda Riley said...

Merry Christmas you guys!!! We sure love all the wonderful to all :)

Katie Waldron said...

Merry Merry Christmas!!!
Love, Derek & Katie
We LOVE you!

LisaB said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! You are a truly amazing family! Your life's journey is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story. Your photos are incredibly beautiful. What an awesome place to spend the holidays.

Lisa Kauffman Bluemel

Steve and Jeri May said...

..."and may all your Christmas' be bright!"

Your pictures are gorgeous-I love seeing your smiles!

Christina said...

was it super cold there?! Everyone's noses and eyes look red!!

What a fun xmas--looks like things you see in fairytale books--love it!

wow--that is some mustache--super mario brothers right there!!