Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Abigail Anne

A lot has happened...a trip to North Carolina, El Salvador and oh right, we moved. Before I write about that, something very special happened, Abby turned eight. We celebrated her birthday in North Carolina (pictures to come when life settles down a bit) with grandparents, cousins and friends. After 10 days we flew home and just when we thought our fun meter was at it's max, we hit up some much requested Disneyland. We went to the happiest place on earth and rode every thrill seeking ride possible. We enjoyed a birthday meal at the "Blue Bayou" and closed out the park.

Abby followed in her brothers footsteps and set a beautiful example for her little sister, by choosing to be baptised. Friends and family from far and wide came to support and show their love for our sweet girl with the heart shaped face. We all watched as our little Abigail radiated with joy as her daddy baptised and confirmed her. The room, packed. The people, beautiful. The feeling, bitter sweet. The love, tangible.

Abby waking up to a gift that will keep on giving . . . the scriptures.

The after party was at our Hunsaker house. Big Chris' BBQ spread was beautiful and mouth watering. I watched Abby peek at the scene around her and I could see her for the slightest moment stop and realize it was all for her and she was enjoying it. She felt special and it brought me to tears seeing how many people care about our family and especially our little girl, Abigail.

We love you Abby!

Stay tuned for more living


Ann said...

Oh yes Abby! We love you indeed. So thankful we were there to share in your baptism day.

Megs said...

Beautiful family pictures! What a special day, congratulations! And happy birthdays are in order as well!

The Queen said...

Happy birthday Abby! Congratulations on being baptized.