Thursday, September 2, 2010


West Australia.

Perth is a very clean, and vast city with a Southern California climate. The skyscraper downtown is lined with Eucalyptus trees and set on the banks where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean.

After loving the city, we drove to our place in Fremantle. The original Penal Colony is now host to quaint shops and restaurants that surround the remnants of earlier years. We went from luxury in Melbourne to hanging our own laundry and I Loved it. It reminded me of helping my mom hang clothes when I was a kid.

We took a day trip to Margaret River. A small town at the very south west corner of Australia. It has a small stretch of beach that’s home to 20 world class surf breaks and great white sharks. Ryan forgot to mention that last part until he was finished surfing.

It was beautiful, the weather was perfect. The girls and I played "Gorillas" at a park that overlooked the ocean where Ryan surfed. The combination of being surrounded by such beauty, being with my girls, watching Ryan surf and filling my lungs with the freshness of Eucalyptus trees and the ocean breeze is a moment you can't duplicate.

Kings Park

Pristine botanical gardens, war memorials, hiking, endless views of the city, and Free!

This park was incredible!

DNA tower

What is it about girls, that when we're supposed to be quiet, it only makes us giggle?
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Kimberly said...

Amazing, Leanne. Do you ever take bad pictures??

I'm so glad the girls have each other, and you.

Counting down the days until you get here!

Love you all...

PapaRandy said...

Leanne, I love your blogs. They are so full of love, beauty and passion for life!

david said...

Sis- What a wonderful post! The colors, scenery and love are all so beautiful to look at. I love the little bits of Australian history that you give us. And these photos you've taken! So, so beautiful! -David

Ashley said...

Leanne, I love these pictures. I especially love the one of the girls in front of that green wall. But they're all great.


Ann said...

You really should work for the Australian tourism board. Your pictures make us all want to be there with you!

Christina said...

are you still using picassa--seriously girl all your photos are hardbound worthy!!!!!

i love your description that cant be duplicated...trying to sniff eucalyptus..but all i smell is chocolate cake! HA

Ali said...

I love this post, your pictures are incredible. I love the pictures of the girls hugging with the sunset in front of them, priceless!! We love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

love that last comment about giggling when you're expected to mourn in quiet. you're wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Again, great photos. Your daughters are so beautiful!

-Lisa Chavez Barlow

Brooke Blackham said...

Your pictures make me want to go to Australia! Once again Leanne, you show what an amazing woman & mother you are!!! Thanks for always being such a great example of a person :)