Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ahhh. . . Raglan. In my mind Raglan = Relaxation. This gem of a place is a coastal town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. This was our last stop before leaving New Zealand and heading to Santiago, Chile. There's something calming about looking out and seeing the open space that fills Raglan. You look out and see hillsides covered in a bright green carpet and open your eyes to the rolling hills that are sprinkled with sheep, cows, horses and their young. The natural beauty was so incredible that I wondered if the locals really knew how lucky they were to live in such a place. The girls loved the country feel of it all and were begging Ryan and I to live on a farm. They promised they would clean the stables, milk the cows, gather the eggs, clean the chicken coop, and feed the baby animals with a bottle. When we broke the news to them it wasn't happening, we did it gently ;)

The ocean in front of our flat

The view from our bedroom window. They had an organic farm in the back where they would pick the fruits and vegetables for the meals they prepared for us. My mouth has never tasted such incredible food in my life and each bite I took of the home grown, cooked with love, gourmet food made my stomach smile. I'm not so sure if the girls enjoyed the ice cream made from Raglan cow milk and homemade chocolate sauce, but their dishes were always licked clean.

We all laughed for a good 15 minutes watching a flock of 5 sheep trying to escape us. None of the sheep knew which way to go so they were running into each other, running down the mountain side and crossing back and forth over the gravel road in front of us.

Riding the fake . . . but visiting the real endangered, indigenous flightless Kiwi bird.

Each time Abby took a picture of us she would tell Ryan and I to kiss. You can see our smiles behind the much anticipated kiss. In these times of sadness that we share as a family, she is thriving on our love for each other, for her, and for Charlie.

So am I.

Stay tuned for more living


Meghann said...

Wonderful post! Those falls are amazing! I think it's darling Abby would have you kiss and I think that last photo is so sweet!

Meiken said...

Your love is amazing!

david said...

Tell Abby the "sunset kiss" photo she took was the best picture of the lot! I miss my sweet little niece, Abby.

Christina said...

cuteness!!! your leather jacket is HAWT girl---love it--

Like the say the best gift you can give your children is the love SHOWN between mommy & daddy--you both are great examples of that--big hugs!

Harris Family said...

Dave is sooooo Jealous that you got to go to New Zealand. He hasn't been back since his mission and it is one of his get back to New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures. My mind is traveling there with these posts and pics. So awesome.