Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Zealand

2 cups European
1 1/2 cups Polynesian
1/2 cup Asian
Mix the cultures together with a strong scoop of indigenous Maori heritage and bake to the beat of a cosmopolitan rhythm. Sprinkle it with dormant volcanoes and tropical rain forests and surround it with the Tasman Sea, Coral Sea, and the South Pacific Ocean. Let it marinate and cool for over three hundred years, then jump in and enjoy the beautiful city of Auckland.
That's what we did.

At the top of the famous Sky Tower spying on the city below.

It was chilly but nothing a good hot cocoa couldn't help.

Charlie called it her "good cup a Joe"

Natures jungle gym

Never too chilly for gelato ;)

stay tuned for more living


Ali said...

Great pictures. I love the one of you and Ryan on the park bench!! Very sweet!! love you guys!!

Ali said...

Funny, I guess it's not a park bench...but a rail road tie...very cute!!