Monday, October 4, 2010

Chile Part 1

There are little moments in our lives that create a big piece of who we are.

At the age of 19, Ryan headed out with a new suitcase and set of scriptures, ready to convert Santiago to righteousness and love; ahh . . . young ambition, you have to love it. 16 years later, I still hear about his adventures in the loud and dirty, smog, dog and flee infested area he, at one point, called home. I had to see the place that helped mold the boy I fell in love with.

This was a one of the nicer gated homes in the area. I didn't get a picture as we drove past but just picture in your mind a boy, all alone, flying a kite on top of what looked like a landfill. The only thing that stopped me from crying at the image, was seeing the boy's face was full of happiness. He didn't see the piles of trash under his feet, he was just happy to be flying a kite.

After some reminiscing, we drove three hours away from the smog framed city and enjoyed the fresh coastal air.

We found a dirt road and decided to follow it. Luckily it led to some fun surf for Ryan and a beach with a tire for the girls.

Stay tuned for more living


Ann said...

Moms don't visit their missionaries in the field for a reason (: Each picture tells a story. Thanks for sharing!

Meiken said...

haha Ann! Loved the nice gated house! :) So glad you got to see where he served. We went to Phil's mission a few years back and loved it. Have a wonderful trip tomorrow. xo

Christina said...

that's a lot like what brazil looks like--i went to where i would have lived...ummmmm lets just say there was a hole in the ground for the potty--INSIDE the house--woah. I cant believe i went from that kind of situation to being adopted and growing up in a 10k sq foot house!? I'm SO glad Jon took me back to see where "i came from" and meet all of my family there--we miraculously did it 3 months before Jon broke his neck. Tender Mercy!

The "pretty parts" of chili does look stunning though!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these photos and stories of your beautiful family with me.
Sharon O.

JenJen said...

Leanne, You are such an amazing person, mom and wife. You keep me in awe at the things you do even with your sweet boy watching you from our Heavenly's Father side. you have an amazing heart and amazing stories. I miss watching you grow up. keep the wonderfuls thoughts and stories coming.

Love you all,