Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sweet, sweet, Sydney. After a 9 hour drive in the rain, and being rejected at multiple hotels (the Sydney Boat Show was going on), we were so happy to finally tuck ourselves into our hotel beds. The cosmopolitan city, set in a beautiful harbor was filled with San Francisco streets and New York shopping but with the mild climate of San Diego and definitely holding true to the Australian style. We took a cruise around the harbor, went to the Sydney Sky tower for an arial view of the entire city and rode a water taxi to Luna Park. Luna Park, an amusement park my mom went to as a kid and one my dad dreamed about going to while he was 19 serving his mission nearby, is like stepping back in time to the original Coney Island.

The girls are still talking about it.

Abby lost her other front tooth. Realizing while going to bed that she had left her tooth in the car, she wrote the tooth fairy a note. Charlie decided to leave the tooth fairy a note too as well as a birthday invitation.

The tooth fairy responded to both.

We are reminded of Max daily

Sometimes our hotel room doubled as an Animal Hospital.

The animals were in the best of care.

Next stop, Melbourne!

Stay tuned for more living


Harris Family said...

That last picture is such a cute picture!!

Meghann said...

It made me smiles to read that Charlie left the tooth fairy and invitation to her party. The pictures of the animal hospital are darling. The photos of you all in so wonderful!

Katie Waldron said...

I love these pictures. So cute. Such beautiful sisters. Love love love you guys. See you soon!!