Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well said my young ones, well said.

*We were out for a family hike and Max and Ryan were throwing rocks at a sign that was in a lake. Max saw a duck and said "Dad, do you think I could hit that duck?"
Me: "Max, don't hit the duck. We need to be nice to animals."
Max: "Tell that to the guy that makes my hot dogs."

*One Sunday I was informed there had been some kissing going on in primary class... two boys were kissed by one girl, Charlie. . .
Me: "Charlie we do not kiss boys! You are too little to be kissing."
Charlie: "But mommy, I need to practice!"

*A discussion about the beach...
Charlie: Why is the beach closed on Sunday?
Ryan: "The beach isn't really closed on Sunday."
Charlie: "It just closes at night, right?"
Ryan: "The beach doesn't really close, people just don't go there at night."
Max: "Yeah, because that's when bad people drop off the dead bodies."

*Me and the kids watching So You Think You Can Dance. . .
Me: "Wow, they are really good. Do you guys wish you could dance like that?"
Abby and Charlie: "Yeah"
Max: "I don't think ballet is really good for boys."
Me: "Why?"
Max: "It makes their voices sound like a girl."

*Charlie was kneeling on her bed with her hands together, staring out of her bedroom window into the night sky. She began to pray. . .
"Dear Jesus, you are so very cute, I love you and you are very handsome, when you were born you were a cute little baby and that is why we celebrate Christmas. Amen"

*At church
Abby: "Why do we have two prayers, one for the bread and another one for the water?"
Me: "Because each one is special in it's own way. When we eat the bread we want to think of Jesus' body and how he sacrificed it for us and when we drink the water we want to remember his blood and how he bled for our sins." I looked over at her, she was wide eyed and disgusted.
Abby: "Why do they want us to think about eating Jesus!?"

*I saw Charlie come out of the bathroom, her pants and undies all twisted in every direction, and I asked how it went in there and if she had wiped.
Charlie: "No mommy, wiping is SO boring."


ginger said...

These are all so cute! Love it!

Rachael said...

Oh my gosh these made me laugh so hard! How cute is your family! :]

Ann said...

You can;t make this stuff up. Glad you captured it.