Monday, June 28, 2010

All we need is Love

Valentines Day was great! Ryan and I went out and had a great evening. The best thing about this V-day was that Max had a secrete admirer. Max, Max, Max, my sweet little boy with a big heart, blue eyes, a crooked smile and a dimple on his left cheek. Max the kids who does his homework everyday at 5 without being told and could sleep until noon if you let him. To Max girls are like those extra buttons on a piece of high-tech machinery. You know they're there but you don't really know what they do and things work just fine without them so they go unnoticed and untouched. Well, one of those buttons got his attention. This is how it all went down. I picked the kids up from school and I asked the typical "How was your day at school?" question. Max's usual comment "fine" was tucked in his backpack for another day. Today he jumped into an out poor about a secret Valentine card that was literally thrown at his head with a picture of happy ducks in a pond on the front and an "I love you Max" scribbled on the inside. It led to a full fledged investigation that included interviewing girls and guys from all fourth grade classes. The interegations stopped when the recess bell rang with no luck of finding the mystery girl. I giggled at it all (because that's what girls do when there's talk about love) and gave him a bit of advice but evidently it wasn't good enough because this is what I found on my phone via text later that evening.

Max: Hey dad, it's me Max. I'm kind of freaking out right now. Something really strange happend to me at school today. I got a love note from a girl and I don't know what to do.
Ryan: stay cool bud, you're a Harris, that's just what Harris boys have to deal with. Ask your mommy, she sent me love notes all the time.
Max: Thanks dad.I love you.
Ryan: I love you too. When I get home we can talk more about it.

They went for a drive later that night to have a "man to man" talk.

Oh and Abby informed Max that it was her friend that wrote the note.

I totally remember crushing on my older brothers friends.
Good luck out there max!


The Francis Family said...

Love this post. See you soon.

Kyle and Whitney said...

We love you Max!