Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Potty Talk

Charlie is as cute as a button but a little rough around the edges. She has a potty mouth, can toot on demand (it comes in really handy when she is sitting on top of Max or Abby) and sometimes burps louder than Ryan. We have tried to put a stop to her potty talk by saying she can only say potty words in the bathroom but every time she is in the bathroom I feel like my sweet baby girl has turrets syndrome or something. She is nonstop. Calling out poop, diarrhea, toots, boogers and even made up words that mean who knows what.

Last night she came to Ryan crying and saying that Max and Abby kept hitting her in the nuts. Ryan tenderly explained that she didn't have any nuts. She came to me later and told me that if she was a boy she would have nuts and then Abby and Max could hit her in the nuts.

Today she came to me and said. . .
Mommy, smell my bum, it smells like unicorn magic.
Me: No Charlie, I'm not going to smell your bum! (she's already asked me to smell it 5 times already but this is the first time she told me it smelled like unicorn magic.)
Charlie: Oh please!, unicorn magic smells like strawberries, raspberries and salsa.
Me: No thank you Charlie.
she walked away in a huff and bewildered that even though she had listed her favorite mythical creature and some of my favorite foods it still didn't entice me enough to fulfill her request.
I heard her go in the other room and ask Abby if she wanted to smell unicorn magic.

Hopefully she will grow out of it soon. It's really hard to keep a stern face when she sings a song called "poopy poopy toot toot".


Ann said...

This is hilarious...grandparents love it when their kids have to deal with these kind of things :) How does "poopy pooppy toot toot" come out of such an innocent face?

Celine + Cameron said...

LOL! That is too funny! I had to read your post to Cameron (you know, so we would know what kind of child we were dealing with in Sunbeams ;) and I was laughing so hard, I was almost crying.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the laugh. I don't believe it, though...she has WAY too sweet of a face. Hysterical.

Felicity May said...

Ha Ha! I love Charlie's potty talk. It's always better when it's not your child saying it. My favorite is when she comes and whispers it in your ear because she thinks that if it is said quietly it is ok. Love you Charlie!

Meiken said...

Too funny! I am glad I have never smelled unicorn magic!

PapaRandy said...

Yea, I've been a witness and victim of her potty talk about me. 4 years and I think she can already give Ryan a run for his money!

Jackie Howe said...

Oh my gosh, I am still laughing!!! Such a sweet and cute little thing she is!!