Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last Trip of Summer

Before wrapping summer up I decided to pack the kids and do a road trip and visit some more family and friends. We stopped in at Vegas and saw Sam receive the Priesthood and celebrate my Dad's birthday. I had a fun time with Emily and had a great ride with my brother David. The kids had a blast, no pics :(. We picked up my mom in St. George and headed to Sarratoga Springs UT to visit my bro Matt and his fam and my grade school friend Autumn.

We saw Dinosaurs

Visited the gardens at Thanksgiving Point

hung out with my best friend

made smores and ran along a beautiful river with my forever friend Autumn


hiked Mt. Timpanogas and visited the caves

watched a snake swallow a chipmunk! Definitely a highlight!

carried Charlie the whole way up and back down. It was either that or have a heart attack watching her walk along the edge of the cliff. The kid is fearless!

the heart of the cave

Cousins in the cave.

Had an awesome time jamming with Matt on the guitar and chasing kids with Kliss.

Stopped in St. George and of course woke up with the sun and went for a run with my dad.
Came home to a super cute and happy to see me hubby then rocked with him at
the Kings of Leon concert.
an amazing summer

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Ann said...

Loved the update and pictures. Really glad I missed the snake swallowing the chipmunk. Can't believe you carried Charlie to the cave!