Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Gross To Be Sick

My kids have been sick. I feel like I haven't left the house or slept in three days. As sick as kids get somehow they always seem to have a smile inside that makes it's way out, they can't help it. This little conversation brought a smile to my face.

Max: I don't like being sick. I especially don't like having a runny or stuffy nose.

Me: Yeah it's kinda gross.

Max: It is gross! The worst is when the kid sitting next to you in class has a stuffy nose and you have to listen to that bubbly sound he makes with his nose all day.

Abby: That's disgusting, why don't they just blow their nose? I like to blow my nose.

Max: I like to blow my nose too, it gets it all out.

Charlie: I don't, I like to pick mine. It's more fun.


Ann said...

To pick or blow....always the debate (:

Felicity May said...

ha ha! Charlie never disappoints:) Hope you all feel better soon. See you next week after Utah.

Kelly Browning said...

She is so stinkin cute! She sounds like she belongs in my family.