Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Gross To Be Sick

My kids have been sick. I feel like I haven't left the house or slept in three days. As sick as kids get somehow they always seem to have a smile inside that makes it's way out, they can't help it. This little conversation brought a smile to my face.

Max: I don't like being sick. I especially don't like having a runny or stuffy nose.

Me: Yeah it's kinda gross.

Max: It is gross! The worst is when the kid sitting next to you in class has a stuffy nose and you have to listen to that bubbly sound he makes with his nose all day.

Abby: That's disgusting, why don't they just blow their nose? I like to blow my nose.

Max: I like to blow my nose too, it gets it all out.

Charlie: I don't, I like to pick mine. It's more fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Major Mileage

Before saying goodbye to Ann, we drove up and hung out with long time Harris family friend and most amazing blanket maker, Rhonda. The kids had a great time in her luxury hotel like pool.

goodbye Grammy, till next time

we love you!!

The kids and I headed off to St. George to visit Nana and Papa

I love to hang out with my mom and dad

Round 2 for Max,
lucky kid.

Abby lost her first tooth. Then, lost her first lost tooth. She wrote the tooth fairy a little note and put it under her pillow.

I LOVED trail running through Snow Canyon with my dad on his bike beside me. Some of our best talks have happened before 6 am.

early morning pancake picnic with papa


sand art

We drove home, slept a bit then packed up and left with Ryan to meet up with friends Rob and Felicity in their home town Santa Maria.

It was tough to get the kids back in the car to drive another 5 hours but when I told them Brownie and friends were waiting for them at Felicity's parents house, they jumped right in. Especially Charlie.

We had the same idea everyone else does on a great day. . . head to the beach.

Gracey and Charlie

We went to the local farmers market and taste tested raspberries. Eyes closed, red vs. yellow, nobody could tell the difference.

Went on a swinging bridge and explored the inside an old school building built in 1908.

Tore up the beach and had some great food.

Went to a farm with a petting zoo and took a tractor ride around the orchards.

Went for a great trail run with Felicity to reduce some of the damage that was about to happen.

Had some of the best ice cream, salt water taffy, Olallieberry pie and fudge,

yes that all did happen.

Checked out all the places Rob and Felicity hung out and lived.

Enjoyed the hospitality of Felicity's mom Suzie who sent us home with apples and her homemade applesauce from the local orchards.

It was a great trip and. . .

. . . .this is how we all felt by the end!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


July has just begun . . .

from catching butterflies

to bubble baths

from the beach

to picking strawberries and

fruit off our fruit trees, the month is starting off pretty good.

4th of July came with a bunch of family!

Three of the cutest girls in the USA, can't say world because

Scarlett lives in Budapest.

the boys rockin out

Sweet Abby and her delicious homemade guacamole with chips. It was very very delicious!

8th of July Max turned 9

waking up to what would become the "greatest day of his life"


books, and homemade Star Wars cinnamon rolls. How could you start the day any better?

he will have these all read by the end of the month or sooner

yum mm

building Legos

first clue to the treasure hunt


Grammy with cuddly tater tot

ended a great day with a water balloon volley ball which ended up a full blown water fight, started by Ryan. What did I expect.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beauty Hurts

This was the girls request, not my influence. That said, I was happy to take them and their cute ears.

Charlie's before pic, she had no idea what was coming.


Abby's before pic.
She just watched Charlie but was still determined to follow through and do it.

she barely flinched

Loves them!

Loves them!