Sunday, May 31, 2009

While he was out

Ryan came home! He was gone for 14 days and 17 hours but who was counting? He had the time of his life surfing and catching some great barrels with friends. Eric Warner, the photographer, was on board and he got some cool pics. Here is my hot little hubby doin his thing in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia.


What have i been up to? A lot. I went to NY with some girls, and I did a couple half marathons. While Ryan was gone, my parents came to visit. I love them. We were crazy busy and if any of you reading this know me you would know there were projects involved, a lot of projects.

Katie and I rocked the 13.1 . . . twice!

Happiest place on earth

I wanted to build a dining room table, but I found this 100 year old door and got inspired instead.

It still has it's original hardware and working key!

Flower twinkle lights laced around the door.


Ann said...

Wow! Amazing surf pictures and I love the patio door.

Ann said...
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Kelli Salter said...

Looks like Ryan will never go surfing without a photographer again! Great pictures.

Leanne-love the door!!

Nathan said...

Wow. I am officially jealous of that trip.

Cool idea for the door.

Kimberly said...

You guys are both so cool. The pictures of the surf trip are amazing.

Jason needs to get working out if he's going to keep up with you in September.

Emily said...

LOVE the door! I want to come and see it in person now. Those pictures of Ryan are awesome.

Meiken said...

You both are amazing! The surf pics...amazing! The door..amazing! What else can I say?