Monday, May 11, 2009

Lucky Me

It's Mother's Day. Ryan is on a boat (more like a yacht) in Indonesia right now, probably having a great time catching some epic surf, oh yeah, and he's kid less. Am I on a boat? No. Am I in some far off land exploring amazing new places and people? No. Am I getting really tan right now? No. Am I being fed by five star gourmet chefs who bake fresh bread everyday and catch the fish only hours before preparing it? No. Instead, I was woken up early this morning to three sets of tiny footsteps and three sets of the most innocent and happy eyes coming to me, presents and cards in hand and with a tray of food for me to eat in bed. With their proud posture, excitement in their eyes and smiles on their faces, I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world but where I was at that moment.

Abby put a few items into a box she had painted. In it was a few items and a note explaining them...

gummy bear- we love to bear hug
gum- we stick together
peanuts- we like to be silly
band aid- you help me feel better
chocolate kiss- because you make me feel loved
gummy bear, gum, peanuts, band aid, and a chocolate kiss. What more do you need?


Britt said...

ok that is the most adorable thing I have ever heard!!

ERK and MRK said...

That is really precious!

Emily Parks said...

your kids are awesome. That is so sweet.

Ann said...

I just read about your Mother's Day. What precious and thoughtful kids you have! A lot like their mom!