Sunday, May 31, 2009

While he was out

Ryan came home! He was gone for 14 days and 17 hours but who was counting? He had the time of his life surfing and catching some great barrels with friends. Eric Warner, the photographer, was on board and he got some cool pics. Here is my hot little hubby doin his thing in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia.


What have i been up to? A lot. I went to NY with some girls, and I did a couple half marathons. While Ryan was gone, my parents came to visit. I love them. We were crazy busy and if any of you reading this know me you would know there were projects involved, a lot of projects.

Katie and I rocked the 13.1 . . . twice!

Happiest place on earth

I wanted to build a dining room table, but I found this 100 year old door and got inspired instead.

It still has it's original hardware and working key!

Flower twinkle lights laced around the door.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Additions!

My good friend Felicity and my sister-in-law Kelli had their babies!
Hip Hip Hurray!

Baby Boy Beckham

Lovely Lila Grace

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lucky Me

It's Mother's Day. Ryan is on a boat (more like a yacht) in Indonesia right now, probably having a great time catching some epic surf, oh yeah, and he's kid less. Am I on a boat? No. Am I in some far off land exploring amazing new places and people? No. Am I getting really tan right now? No. Am I being fed by five star gourmet chefs who bake fresh bread everyday and catch the fish only hours before preparing it? No. Instead, I was woken up early this morning to three sets of tiny footsteps and three sets of the most innocent and happy eyes coming to me, presents and cards in hand and with a tray of food for me to eat in bed. With their proud posture, excitement in their eyes and smiles on their faces, I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world but where I was at that moment.

Abby put a few items into a box she had painted. In it was a few items and a note explaining them...

gummy bear- we love to bear hug
gum- we stick together
peanuts- we like to be silly
band aid- you help me feel better
chocolate kiss- because you make me feel loved
gummy bear, gum, peanuts, band aid, and a chocolate kiss. What more do you need?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abby the artist

Abby is my sweet angel that just so happens to be an excellent artist, check out her blog when you have a sec.

She loves and gets along great (for the most part) with her sister Charlie.
Sometimes they get a bit wild in their beds when it's bed time but I usually let them play it out until they fall asleep. This particular evening around 10:30 Charlie comes into the room telling me Abby was asleep and that she couldn't fall asleep. As I looked closer at her sleepy eyes I saw she had glasses drawn on her face. She acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. I told her to come closer and discovered more and more the closer I examined her. I was trying so hard to act like she was in trouble but kept picturing how it all went down in their room. I can only imagine, but I did hear an extra amount of laughter coming from their room that night.

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It was bath time then bed time!
There will be no more art supplies left in their room.

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's tough to be a kid

I got a call from Ryan last weekend while I was in NY (I'll post about that later) saying Charlie was crying. He said she was pointing to her eyebrows and saying she had a mustache on her forhead.
I love you Charlie! One day I will introduce you to tweezers.