Monday, March 30, 2009

Are you really my kid?

Isn't it funny how the same two people can produce children that are completely different from each other?

This is a letter Max wrote to his Principal.

He was for real!

This is a letter Abby wrote to me, . . . after not listening.

Although this was her punishment, she was actually really excited to do it and smiled the whole time writing it. She even wrote her name on it and gave it a title "My Promise Paper". It was like a little project for her. That's my girl :), always in her own little world and always doing projects.

This is a picture Charlie drew.

Me: Tell me about this picture Charlie.

Charlie: This is Abby and you are holding me and I was a baby. The baby Charlie was painting, not on the wall, it was on paper. One wall has paper and the other doesn't. Charlie the baby didn't paint on the wall or spill or make a mess, she was just painting on paper, that's all mommy, just on paper. Ooooh (pointing to picture and talking in a really cute high voice), I'm a cute baby Charlie.

Me: You are cute, I love it Charlie! You are a great artist.

Charlie: (relief and content on her expression)

later. . .I walked to the playroom and found paint spilled all over the table and wall.

Even though they are all different, I still love them all the same.


Nathan said...

This is classic. It captures them all perfectly. Save that letter for Max when he is 16.

Kimberly said...

Max's letter is so great! I love "I would miss recess to take a test." What a sweet, smart kid.

Abby and Charlie crack me up. I never really believed people who told me that my kids would all be very different. Then I got Colin.

And you're right, it's amazing how overwhelmingly you love each of your kids despite (maybe because of) their incredibly different personalities.

Ann said...

Loved this post!!! Love your 3 free spirited kids!

Em N. said...

I don't even know what to say. Seriously, your kids are too cute. Max's letter is too much. I would love to have seen the principals face when he read that.

ERK and MRK said...

I love the letters! Very funny and cute.