Monday, February 16, 2009

Time flies when there's a lot going on!

Jan 24 was my B-day. The highlights were . . .

  • My girl friends took me out to this yummy "hippy" place for dinner
  • I received a lot of emails and phone calls from friends and family
  • My brother David and sister-in-law Emily came to visit with thier four adorable boys and we had an awesome time
  • Ryan and the kids showered me with cards and kisses

low lights were . . .

  • I'm getting old

Feb 8 was Charlie's 4th birthday! According to her she was skipping 4 and going strait to 4 1/2. Randy and Ann were visiting from NY and were able to be here for her party as well as Nate and Meg and Rob and Felicity and fam.

She wanted a Tinkerbell party and cake. . .

The cake

The presents

She had a great party! She is a little girl with a huge imagination that is really fun but at times gets a bit crazy. She loves to make believe. She is anything from a sweet puppy to a girl who just so happens to be named Charlie whose parents have died and is left without any family but would love to live with our family until she grows up. She loves animals and the color purple. Every morning she comes in our room, stuffed elephant in hand, climbs in our bed and cuddles with us until it's time to get up. She is growing up and we are cherishing every minute of it. Happy Birthday Charlie! We love you!

Feb 14 was Valentines Day!

Ann and Randy were back in town from Hawaii. I made heart shaped pancakes and waffles for breakfast and while the Harris' crashed, they had been traveling through the night, I took the kids to see Ryan at the beach.

We picked the Harris' up and went for a little nature hike. We have had a lot of rain so everything was really green.

A visit with the Harris' wouldn't be complete without frozen yogurt. We ate it in Ryan's office while looking out to the great view of the pier and ocean. On the way back we stopped to watch the sunset at the beach.

I think Randy thought he was still in warm Hawaii but it was actually a bit chilly on the beach.

Ann didn't have any problems warming her chilly hubby up

Either did I

After the sunset we met Nathan and Megan for dinner at West Bistro and almost ended up licking the plates, everything was so delicious.

We came home to a house full of happy kids, some asleep, thanks to our great babysitter Brittany who had planned an evening of valentine fun.
Now that the parties are done for a while I might get caught up on my laundry:)

New Years Eve

We had a New Years eve party. About 50 people came and we all rocked. Here's the proof.

Max came downstairs every once and a while to rock out with the big kids.

I think he fit in pretty good :)