Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Orleans

Ryan had some work in New Orleans so he asked me to join him. Such a sweet guy! We had our awesome babysitter Brittany watch the kids and we were off for a 4 day adventure. Highlights of the trip included waking up to snow the first morning (apparently it only snows every decade or so in New Orleans), dining out at some great restaurants around town, shopping on Magazine Street and exploring the Garden District, and walking through the French Quarter and Bourbon Street (be careful).

We stayed at The International House, which I would highly recommend if you ever go there.

After Ryan finished up his work, and on the way home, we flew up to Kansas City to watch the Chargers play the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. We had a great time, despite the fact that it was FREEZING!!!! The Chargers came from behind in the last two minutes to win! So the numb toes and fingers were worth it. I think I've become a little bit soft after living in California for 10 years now, because it was cold.

We arrived home to a clean house and three little angels asleep in their beds. A perfect ending to a perfect little get-away.


Ann said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Go Chargers!

Em N. said...

So fun! You look so beautiful in that third picture- as always but that is a great one!

Jackie Howe said...

It looks so fun. You look so pretty in all the pics. BTW, were you two the only Chargers fans there?

*megan said...

How fun! Way to make the most of your trip... eating at the famous places...fancy hotel... going out of your way to see a football game live. That's awesome.