Saturday, January 10, 2009


Did it really happen? Is it really over? The joy, the smells, the magic of Christmas and the stress that comes with it is over. It was a wonderful Holiday filled with happy kids who believe, loving Grandparents, cousins and a work-free husband. Can it get any better? Not sure. We started our Christmas a little early. Christmas Eve we opened gifts from family.

Using my gift from Kelli. I love it!

After dinner the kids did a reenactment of the story of baby Jesus that was priceless, played a little rock band of course, who doesn't?, had a game of Christmas Bingo and sprinkled reindeer food outside for the Rudolph and his crew.


Ann said...

How blessed we were to share Christmas time in your home with you. Thank you!!!

Emily Parks said...

Looks like a fun Christmas.

Happy Birthday today.

Emily Parks said...

or on Saturday.