Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Team East and West

Last year Jason (my bro-in-law [Ryan's brother]) and I decided to do an Adventure Race. We didn't totally know what it entailed, but it sounded really fun!
Sept 25th, we packed up the kids and flew to North Carolina to meet up with Jason's family, and to race the next morning. After a red eye flight with kids, the early race start of 4am (1am CA time) and recovering from bronchitis and a sinus infection, I was definitely not 100%. But when we started the race I was so excited I felt awesome!

The race is done by map and compass, no specified trails or paths. You have to navigate your way to the finish and collect points by finding a series of checkpoints. The check points are given to you in latitude and longitude before the race and you have to graph out your own course.

Orientation at starting point. Here we go!

I snapped this shot during the 20 mile kayak.

At one point we crossed paths with this team. They tried to lead us in the wrong direction, but Jason the "King of the Map" couldn't be swayed. Game on!

We had to portage our kayak up and around this dam.

Team East and West

We trained.
We raced.
We Won!
For the twelve hour race, we finished at 11hrs and 50 mins.
First place in the co-ed division and 2nd place overall, yes, we did beat the team of tough guys from Fort Bragg who were trying to get us lost.
It rained almost the entire time, and I felt like a soggy rat. But, I loved every minute of it!
Thank you Jason for being the perfect AR partner.
And thank you Ryan and Randy for being an awesome support crew!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So my brother used to ride bikes. He trained as part of the US cycling team in the Olympic training center along with Lance Armstrong. He traveled around the world racing and was good at it. He turned 19 and decided to go on an LDS mission. Long story short he got married, had four boys, finished school, went to law school and now has his own law firm. Needless to say, he has been busy but has always kept his passion for cycling. This year he has been in full training mode and has been racing, breaking records and KILLING IT! I just wanted to send a shout out to my bro for keeping the dream alive and rocking at it! Proud of you Dave!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last Trip of Summer

Before wrapping summer up I decided to pack the kids and do a road trip and visit some more family and friends. We stopped in at Vegas and saw Sam receive the Priesthood and celebrate my Dad's birthday. I had a fun time with Emily and had a great ride with my brother David. The kids had a blast, no pics :(. We picked up my mom in St. George and headed to Sarratoga Springs UT to visit my bro Matt and his fam and my grade school friend Autumn.

We saw Dinosaurs

Visited the gardens at Thanksgiving Point

hung out with my best friend

made smores and ran along a beautiful river with my forever friend Autumn


hiked Mt. Timpanogas and visited the caves

watched a snake swallow a chipmunk! Definitely a highlight!

carried Charlie the whole way up and back down. It was either that or have a heart attack watching her walk along the edge of the cliff. The kid is fearless!

the heart of the cave

Cousins in the cave.

Had an awesome time jamming with Matt on the guitar and chasing kids with Kliss.

Stopped in St. George and of course woke up with the sun and went for a run with my dad.
Came home to a super cute and happy to see me hubby then rocked with him at
the Kings of Leon concert.
an amazing summer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Potty Talk

Charlie is as cute as a button but a little rough around the edges. She has a potty mouth, can toot on demand (it comes in really handy when she is sitting on top of Max or Abby) and sometimes burps louder than Ryan. We have tried to put a stop to her potty talk by saying she can only say potty words in the bathroom but every time she is in the bathroom I feel like my sweet baby girl has turrets syndrome or something. She is nonstop. Calling out poop, diarrhea, toots, boogers and even made up words that mean who knows what.

Last night she came to Ryan crying and saying that Max and Abby kept hitting her in the nuts. Ryan tenderly explained that she didn't have any nuts. She came to me later and told me that if she was a boy she would have nuts and then Abby and Max could hit her in the nuts.

Today she came to me and said. . .
Mommy, smell my bum, it smells like unicorn magic.
Me: No Charlie, I'm not going to smell your bum! (she's already asked me to smell it 5 times already but this is the first time she told me it smelled like unicorn magic.)
Charlie: Oh please!, unicorn magic smells like strawberries, raspberries and salsa.
Me: No thank you Charlie.
she walked away in a huff and bewildered that even though she had listed her favorite mythical creature and some of my favorite foods it still didn't entice me enough to fulfill her request.
I heard her go in the other room and ask Abby if she wanted to smell unicorn magic.

Hopefully she will grow out of it soon. It's really hard to keep a stern face when she sings a song called "poopy poopy toot toot".

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Gross To Be Sick

My kids have been sick. I feel like I haven't left the house or slept in three days. As sick as kids get somehow they always seem to have a smile inside that makes it's way out, they can't help it. This little conversation brought a smile to my face.

Max: I don't like being sick. I especially don't like having a runny or stuffy nose.

Me: Yeah it's kinda gross.

Max: It is gross! The worst is when the kid sitting next to you in class has a stuffy nose and you have to listen to that bubbly sound he makes with his nose all day.

Abby: That's disgusting, why don't they just blow their nose? I like to blow my nose.

Max: I like to blow my nose too, it gets it all out.

Charlie: I don't, I like to pick mine. It's more fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Major Mileage

Before saying goodbye to Ann, we drove up and hung out with long time Harris family friend and most amazing blanket maker, Rhonda. The kids had a great time in her luxury hotel like pool.

goodbye Grammy, till next time

we love you!!

The kids and I headed off to St. George to visit Nana and Papa

I love to hang out with my mom and dad

Round 2 for Max,
lucky kid.

Abby lost her first tooth. Then, lost her first lost tooth. She wrote the tooth fairy a little note and put it under her pillow.

I LOVED trail running through Snow Canyon with my dad on his bike beside me. Some of our best talks have happened before 6 am.

early morning pancake picnic with papa


sand art

We drove home, slept a bit then packed up and left with Ryan to meet up with friends Rob and Felicity in their home town Santa Maria.

It was tough to get the kids back in the car to drive another 5 hours but when I told them Brownie and friends were waiting for them at Felicity's parents house, they jumped right in. Especially Charlie.

We had the same idea everyone else does on a great day. . . head to the beach.

Gracey and Charlie

We went to the local farmers market and taste tested raspberries. Eyes closed, red vs. yellow, nobody could tell the difference.

Went on a swinging bridge and explored the inside an old school building built in 1908.

Tore up the beach and had some great food.

Went to a farm with a petting zoo and took a tractor ride around the orchards.

Went for a great trail run with Felicity to reduce some of the damage that was about to happen.

Had some of the best ice cream, salt water taffy, Olallieberry pie and fudge,

yes that all did happen.

Checked out all the places Rob and Felicity hung out and lived.

Enjoyed the hospitality of Felicity's mom Suzie who sent us home with apples and her homemade applesauce from the local orchards.

It was a great trip and. . .

. . . .this is how we all felt by the end!