Sunday, December 28, 2008


We went to my brother David's house in Vegas for Thanksgiving. My brother Matt and his family and my parents came. The food was amazing and we hardly saw the kids the whole time, they were having so much fun with their cousins. We shopped, played in the fog, went bowling, saw a movie, played games and I went trail running in the red rocks with David.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I had a Twilight party and invited around twenty girls. You know, just a few girls to chat about the book with and be girly. Party day came and at one point I counted 47 girls!! It was so much fun! We had great company, great food and fun games. We had some hard core Twilighters at the party that were busting out answers to the trivia games like the prize would be Edward himself! After the party we all got VIP status at the movie theater with no waiting, roped off seating, and cheep popcorn and drinks. Thanks Movie Max! As our group was walking into the theater one lady was yelling at me about how she had been waiting in line for 2 hrs blah blah blah. I thought we might have some major cat fights. That would have been awesome!

Great Food!

Twilight trivia to qualify for. . .

Twilight Jeopardy

"I'll take Forks for 200"

Some prizes

The winners

The awesome crew!