Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh tartar sauce!

(the title was a Sponge Bob reference)


Ann said...

How fun for Max! Please tell me you didn't clean and gut em before you made them into tacos Leanne.

The Francis Family said...

I question the timeline. Did Max really fish from 4:30AM to 7PM?? ...and he liked it? Chad can't fish with Randy for more than 8 hours. Randy needs to meet this Max - they are a match made in heaven. Wish I was there for the fish tacos and nap :)

Leanne said...

He didn't fish the whole time . . .the four hour nap was on the boat. :) Max would love to fish with Randy!

Todd&Emily Moran said...

Hey Leanne, I just wanted to say thanks for throwing the Twilight party and letting Katie bring us!! Your such a great host and the party was awesome!!! Thanks again!