Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Office Trip

Ryan's office reached a goal they had been working toward and the reward was El Salvador! We stayed at the same resort as last time, Las Flores. It was SO relaxing.

View from the beach

View from the room

View from the pool

Lunch time (breakfast for some:)

Catching our dinner


Boys boat trip to find some surf

Girls boat trip to watch some really cute boys surf. I think our captain was pretty excited to have the girl crew ;)

Cute boy catching a wave

Me and Katie

This kid climbed the tree without ropes or anything! He picked the coconuts and dropped them to his friends.

coming down and gathering coconuts

Chopping and eating the coconuts.

What did we do when we weren't surfing, eating, or laying out you might ask?? I call this one Garfield . . .

Thanks to everyone there, it was a great trip!

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