Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mom and Grandma

We got some bad news that my Grandma Shirley who lives in Queensland, Australia has terminal lung cancer. It’s inoperable and the dr. gave her 6-12 months. She flew over to the states to visit family and of course we headed over to St. George to visit with her.
It was bitter sweet to see my Grandma. I love her so much! Growing up in St. George my Grandma lived with us for a time and we shared a room and bed. We would pillow talk at night and read together. I have great memories of her and her endless generosity. It was great to visit and I was really happy for the chance to say goodbye to her.
A couple days after we had left St. George we found out my mom had congenital heart failure and the outcome wasn’t looking that good for her. I was able to get a babysitter and drove back to St. George. With the help of a lot of prayers and fasting and an excellent surgeon, she has come out of it okay and is already starting to be on the mend. As tough as that was, on the flip side I was able to see my Grandma again. We were bed buddies again and spent a lot of time together in the day and pillow talking at night. This time I didn’t say goodbye, only see you later. I love my sweet Grandma Shirley!

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ginger said...

I am so sorry to hear your family is having a hard time. We will remember you in our prayers.