Friday, July 18, 2008

Delight and Fright

One more Lego Land story . . .
Abby had gone to Lego Land on a field trip during the school year and had told us all about this really fun roller coaster ride. She was really excited to take us on it when we went for Max's birthday. Here is a picture of us on the ride. I can't look at Abby and Max's face without laughing out loud.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Max

July 8th was Max's birthday. He told everyone he could, and if you know Max it's not an exaggeration (including a Target worker and a grocery store lady), about how it was going to be a very special day. He was turning 8 on the 8th in 2008 and he was going to be baptized. So we decided to live it up, Lego style.

Abby woke up early and created this before Max woke up.

"Good morning bud, Happy Birthday!"

A Lego birthday wouldn't be complete without these.

Gavin and Miles came to spend the big day with us. We told them we have cake for breakfast every day.

Max had the choice of a party with friends or Lego Land. Smart choice.

Max wore this birthday pin and was given royal treatment. Every worker came up to him and wished him a happy birthday, gave him extra turns on the rides and even sang Happy Birthday to him while he was on the ride! At one point he turned to me and said "I really like it when they come up to me and wish me Happy Birthday. It makes me feel special, well, extra special because I know I am already special." I love my kids self confidence.

The kids in Mini Land New York

Max and Gav bustin out a little "Coffee Grinder"

I thought we bought tickets to Lego Land not a gun show.

Papa and Charlie on the Safari

Charlie and Grammy

In the family shot the kids were watching the roller coaster about to plummet to the bottom rather than Grammy taking their picture. It was one of those rare days where there were no meltdowns and the kids were happy from morning till night. Amazing!