Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a fun filled Memorial day and for my friend Felicity and I it started very early. Felicity, after a little baby trouble, was able to make it to my house just before 5am. We tip toed out of the house as quietly as we could and headed to Laguna Hills to run a half marathon. What were we thinking! We hadn't even trained for it! Driving up it started pouring rain.

Because of the rain and cold we stretched in the car.

The rain turned into a drizzle and soon a mist. We decided we were just going to have fun and try our best to finish.

We did it! The drizzle and mist soon became a welcomed element as it kept us cool. It was a beautiful course along a lush hilly trail, crossing bridges and finishing at a huge park. Felicity was the perfect running partner. We kept a comfortable pace and pushed each other at the end and finally smoked passed the blue shirt chick at mile 13. Our finishing time was 2:02 and we were happy to be done!

While I was running, Ryan took the kids to the church's Memorial day breakfast, followed by a game of good old fashioned baseball.

Later, Max wanted to create something so he came up with this kids "Fun Food" recipe:

Marshmallow Snowman

3 Marshmallows stuck together
1 Marshmallow cut in half and stuck on top of the other ones for the hat
1 Chocolate chip on top for the top of the hat
2 pieces of chocolate chips for the eyes
1 pretzel stick through the marshmallow for the arms

Ashley . . . Max doesn't mind if you copy his recipe for your food blog ;)

"You can even make it into a Memorial Day treat""

It's delicious"

Happy Memorial Day!


Christina said...

jazzercise?? REALLY!! why do i think thats only for old ladies or girls that arent really in any sort of shape?!!

nice that you did the half marathon! & with NO TRAINING!! wow that jazzercise must really be a good thing!!!

our marshmellows usually end up roasted via my stove burners!! whatever works i guess right!

Ang said...

What a fun memorial weekend, and way to casually run a 1/2 marathon. You are in great shape! Jazzercise is your secret weapon. What is it, and is this a dvd or gym thing? I'm more into the marshmellow treats Max made. Cute and yummy.

Ann said...

You go girl! I will NEVER forget the first marathon you ever ran...Harris style on the back roads of St. George. Tell Max and Abby Grammy wants a 4th of July marshmellow treat.

Emily said...

Way to go on your half! You are practicallyl ready for a full. Max is so cute and all of a sudden looks so grown up!

Celine & Cameron said...

Congrats on the half marathon! I'm glad you and Felicity got to do it together- you guys almost make it look like fun ;-) And those snowmen treats look awesome!

PapaRandy said...

Impressive! Hey, tell your kids they are growing too fast in our absence. Can't wait to visit in July.

*megan said...

Way to go Leanne! Loved the photos of my cute nieces and nephew.