Friday, May 9, 2008

Mothers Day Confessions

Well this Mothers Day is going to be a little different. I have asked Ryan not to get me anything. He usually does because the kids are still too young to do it themselves.

The week prior to Mothers Day usually goes like this . . .

Me: Mothers Day is coming up

Ryan: That's right, I need to get something for my mom. What do you want?

Me: I don't know, maybe some flowers or something.

The next few days I start noticing little things like how I didn't have a white vase to put my flowers in, maybe I should ask for that. What if he buys one I don't like? Or, I'm putting my pants on and I notice they're a little tattered. I could use some new jeans. What kind would I get? Am I way lame for wanting designer jeans? Yes, I am, but they fit SO good. Then I see the commercial for the new Dyson vacuum and the great deals on power tools at Home Depot and everything starts getting out of control. I can't stop thinking about things I could get for mothers day. Then I start to feel really guilty for even wanting any of those things but then Max forgot to do his homework that's due today, Abby doesn't want to get dressed for school and Charlie just pooped on the floor and I'm thinking to myself, HECK yeah I'm going to ask for some stuff! I gave birth to three kids and I spend all day every day trying to keep it all together, you better believe I deserve it, and then some! So I drop some hints to Ryan and feel a bit guilty doing it because I know I'm putting him in a not so great situation. I shrug it off and leave it up to him. My happiness is now depending on his gift. Will he make the right choice? I'm not sure what the right choice is but he better choose the right one or else he's in trouble and I'm not happy. Well, Mothers Day comes and I have three cute little kids bring me breakfast in bed and a bunch of hand made gifts they did at school. I enjoy the precious moment and then start having anxiety over the gift from the family(Ryan). I open it and he failed (only because of my unreasonable expectations). I know he had the best intentions, even though he probably frantically purchased it the night before. I accept it graciously, give the kids my love, and proceed downstairs to clean up the mess the kids left trying to make me breakfast in bed. The rest of the day is like any other day. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me? Anyway, I decided to change it up this year. I am already stress free and have decided to focus on the things I enjoy about being a mother, I know I'm really thinking outside the box. It's not a whole day devoted to me, instead, it's a chance for me to enjoy the small moments with each of my kids. They shouldn't call it Mothers Day, they should call it mothers moments in a day. Moments are about all we get but if we hold on to them, they can help us get through the day.

Here are four things I love about being a mother:

1. The three faces I look into everyday

2. The precious moments captured and placed in my heart forever.

3. Watching the excitement on the kids faces as we prepare for a birthday or holiday.

4. The feel and emotion of a brand new baby

I love being a Mother!
Happy Mothers Day!