Sunday, April 20, 2008

Visit from Mom

Ryan was going to be in trial all week so my mom came over to keep me company. We found out the day she arrived that the trial had been postponed. Ryan was working a lot anyway so I was still happy she came to visit. She kept me company and I wore her out running around to all the kids schools and activities, swim lessons, grocery shopping, running errands, and planning the landscaping for the back yard and the furniture for Ryan's new office. Moms are the best! Even though we had to do the daily grind we still had a lot of fun!

We visited the Carlsbad flowers. Kliss, all of these flowers would be Zach's dream! or nightmare... I don't think you are supposed to pick them.

Max and Nana

We went through a really cool maze made out of Sweet Pea flowers. The kids had so much fun leading Nana and me through the maze to the finish line. It was really fun until Abby took off and I was running around the maze like a rat trying to find her.

Max's dream... a Lego garden. He loves Lego's.

The kids played at the park for a while while Nana and I rested on the grass.





Emily said...

Looks like a fun time with Nanna. Those are some cute pictures of your kids! I love the one in the sweet peas.

Kliss said...

I am pretty sure that this would be Zack's favorite place. What great pictures!