Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break

For spring break we went to David (my brother) and Emily's house. It was a quick trip but we all had so much fun! Matt(my brother), Kliss and kids were there as well as my parents. It was a full house and Emily was so sweet to put up with all of us. I had so much fun with my brothers. I can't remember spending as much one on one time as I did this trip. Usually it's the guys that do their thing and the girls that do their thing (don't get me wrong I love to do girl thingsand we did do a little shopping) but this time I was doing alot of the guy things. I was SO happy just hanging out with my dad and bros and the kids couldn't have been happier with their cousins. It was a really fun trip for me and the kids!

It wouldn't be fun without a little demolition.

While we were there we went to David's new office and tore down a wall between two small offices to make one big office. My kind of fun!

A little garage jam session. My brother Matt is amazing on the guitar.

All the cousin's

My brother David and I trail running at red rock. Thanks for cancelling your ride for me.


Anonymous said...

lou- so great to trail run with you at red rock. it's a memory that i'll keep close to me. and you are in such great shape! love you tons. -david

stephanie said...

so it looks like you & megan both have been hard at work lately!! how are you guys? it looks like your having a lot of great adventures with your kids. (who are cuter than words by the way!!) is your backyard a forest?? it looks amazing. :)

Kliss said...

We loved spending some of spring break with you guys. We definitely don't get together often enough.

Christina said...

whew that was a lot of catch up! SO FUN!!

1st you for sure will get the mother of the year award!! WHY cant i be clever like you-we have 4girls and always miss the campouts..i should just have one in our backyard!! HELLO! thanks for the tip--

who doesnt love to demo!! always a good time--especially if you have "issues" to work out!!

fun to have family visit--i love that they play with your kids--signs of good gpa's and gma's!

ERK & MRK said...

Fun pictures! I love the one with your foot going through the wall, you go girl! Hope you had fun on your trip :)