Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camp out/in

Max and Ryan went off with the young men to the desert to go camping. The girls were pretty bummed they couldn't go so we decided to go camping. . .just the girls :) All I can say about the boys trip is that I can't believe I sent my seven year old on a trip with a bunch of kids. . I mean adults and teenagers with fireworks, a bunch of guns, a death trap sand rail(crazy sand buggy), and a "Danger No Swimming" canal they all swam in. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for injury I don't know what does. Max and Ryan came home with a few battle wounds but still both in one piece.

We set up camp in the play room.

Instead of ghost stories we told funny stories.

We didn't have dutch oven dinners but we did have homemade pizza and stove roasted smores.

We spent the next morning trying to become one with nature.


Emily said...

That is some fun girl time. Did you all sleep in that tent?

Kliss said...

What a fun time w/ your little ladies. They are so cute. It's best to not even know what goes on when the Dads are in charge. As long as they come back the same way they left....

Ang said...

That tent in the playroom is such a good idea, and the kind of camping I can enjoy. Your Las Vegas trip looked like so much fun. You are too well rounded - demolition, guitar playing, running, are 1/2 boy and 1/2 girl on the inside.