Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break

For spring break we went to David (my brother) and Emily's house. It was a quick trip but we all had so much fun! Matt(my brother), Kliss and kids were there as well as my parents. It was a full house and Emily was so sweet to put up with all of us. I had so much fun with my brothers. I can't remember spending as much one on one time as I did this trip. Usually it's the guys that do their thing and the girls that do their thing (don't get me wrong I love to do girl thingsand we did do a little shopping) but this time I was doing alot of the guy things. I was SO happy just hanging out with my dad and bros and the kids couldn't have been happier with their cousins. It was a really fun trip for me and the kids!

It wouldn't be fun without a little demolition.

While we were there we went to David's new office and tore down a wall between two small offices to make one big office. My kind of fun!

A little garage jam session. My brother Matt is amazing on the guitar.

All the cousin's

My brother David and I trail running at red rock. Thanks for cancelling your ride for me.

Camp out/in

Max and Ryan went off with the young men to the desert to go camping. The girls were pretty bummed they couldn't go so we decided to go camping. . .just the girls :) All I can say about the boys trip is that I can't believe I sent my seven year old on a trip with a bunch of kids. . I mean adults and teenagers with fireworks, a bunch of guns, a death trap sand rail(crazy sand buggy), and a "Danger No Swimming" canal they all swam in. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for injury I don't know what does. Max and Ryan came home with a few battle wounds but still both in one piece.

We set up camp in the play room.

Instead of ghost stories we told funny stories.

We didn't have dutch oven dinners but we did have homemade pizza and stove roasted smores.

We spent the next morning trying to become one with nature.

Visit from Mom

Ryan was going to be in trial all week so my mom came over to keep me company. We found out the day she arrived that the trial had been postponed. Ryan was working a lot anyway so I was still happy she came to visit. She kept me company and I wore her out running around to all the kids schools and activities, swim lessons, grocery shopping, running errands, and planning the landscaping for the back yard and the furniture for Ryan's new office. Moms are the best! Even though we had to do the daily grind we still had a lot of fun!

We visited the Carlsbad flowers. Kliss, all of these flowers would be Zach's dream! or nightmare... I don't think you are supposed to pick them.

Max and Nana

We went through a really cool maze made out of Sweet Pea flowers. The kids had so much fun leading Nana and me through the maze to the finish line. It was really fun until Abby took off and I was running around the maze like a rat trying to find her.

Max's dream... a Lego garden. He loves Lego's.

The kids played at the park for a while while Nana and I rested on the grass.





We had a great Easter! Ann and Randy were in town and spent Easter morning with us, the kids were so happy. Then we went to Nathan and Megan's ward and spent the rest of the day at their cute place where we had a great Easter dinner, cousins played and adults hung out.

Although at first Charlie was a little hesitant about the Easter Bunny thing, she got into it pretty quickly.

"Yumm, chocolate"

Story time!

The kids had to take Grammy and Papa to explore their "fort".