Monday, March 17, 2008

Our friend Ashley threw a surprise party for her husband Dustin. It turned out really great and he had no idea until he walked in the door that about 30 or so of his friends and family were there to wish him Happy Birthday. It was a potluck BBQ and Ashley made amazing homemade buns for the burgers and incredible chocolate cake and peanut butter banana cream pie. We hung out, broke a superman pinata, and of course had Karaoke. Everyone had a great time and the party didn't stop until almost 2am.


#1 birthday boy with Charlie

Watch out American Idol 2021

I'm so proud you got up there Felicity!

"Yeah, you know you wanna kiss da girl"

Rob and Felicity

The boys singing Billy Joel

Not often do I have a picture taken of me... I'm usually the one with the camera. This is proof that I was at the party and yes I did sing "I Need a Hero" from the movie Footloose. It wasn't pretty but it did happen...and no you may not see footage of it :)

Is this really March?!

For "Friday fun day" I took the kids for a hike to appreciate the beautiful day and to see if I could wear them out.

They had a great time exploring

Charlie slid on her bum down the steep parts. I didn't realize until later she was walking around with with foliage stuck to her bum.

After that we went to Barnes and Noble and the kids loaded up on books then we met Ryan for dinner at Macaroni grill. My planned worked...they crashed on the way home.

Where's Waldo.. I mean Max? This lot was a big dirt patch when we moved here. Now, thanks to the rain, it is a lush jungle for the kids to have fun in.

Backyard fun!

"For you Mommy"

Charlie taking little Snowflake out for a spin in her pink car. We found out that the car can catch some speed going down hill. The kids took her out of the car and showed me all the tiny hot dogs Snowflake left in the car. I think the ride scared the little hot dogs right out of her.

Ryan and Max checking out the surf

Charlie on a mission to catch a sea gull

Beach Hut

Sometimes I think being a Mom is the coolest job ever, yes it's hard but I have three people constantly wanting to entertain me. How sweet is that!

Abby runs faster without her top on :)