Friday, February 29, 2008


This is our pet Snowflake. He is a very cute and cuddly hamster. The kids LOVE him and he is surprisingly very easy to care for. The only problem is Charlie can open the cage herself. I have used clips, tape and tie wraps to secure the hamster habitat, all to no avail.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Charlie: "Nothing"
Snowflake: "Help"

Me: "Charlie, what are you doing?"
Charlie: "I have Snowflake in the microwave"
Snowflake: "Please, help me"

Me: "Charlie, can you take Snowflake out please?"
Charlie: "I don't want to"
Snowflake: "I'm begging you, please help me"

Me: "Charlie, Snowflake is a pet not a toy, please take him out"
Charlie: "OK"

Snowflake: Thank you!"

....5 Minutes later.


Ann said...

Is it safe to assume that the microwave is not real? Otherwise Snowflake may have a "melt down". Charlie is way too cute for her own good.

Celine & Cameron said...

Too cute!! Good thing you were there to save him :)

Celine & Cameron said...
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Nathan said...

That was a cute little story with photos and commentary. Charlie is a funny girl.

*megan said...

That was me, not Nathan, on that above comment.

Felicity May said...

Snowflake is well loved, although I am worried that someday Charlie will just squeeze a little harder and poor snowflakes eyes are going to come flying out.

ERK & MRK said...

That is soooo funny! It's so nice that you have a pet that gets so much attention. I remember forgetting we even had a hamster as a kid - oops!!! Not snowflake though!

Emily said...

What a fun pet! I knew it wouldn't be long after the birds were gone before you'd have another. Charlie could not be any cuter!

Kliss said...

Funny story! I think Snowflake kind of likes the microwave. Maybe he asked Charlie to put him there. Can he run & make the turntable thing go around?

Leanne said...

Your right Kliss-
Snowflake is probably a lot safer in the micro than in Charlie's hands :)

Christina said...

WOW impressed you have a pet hamster now!! you know our "history" with them--not good!
happy to report our dog roxy is STILL alive and doing well..i amazed myself!

the microwave commentary is hilarious--

The Bruer Clan said...

Why are you the cutest thing ever? And your daughter so FREAKIN CUTE TOO?!! I don't know if I could do pets... AHHH!! My kids would actually have cooked the thing!! HA!! ;)

Kimberly said...

Every time we go through your blog Ethan says of this post, "There's my cousin with her mouse!"

I think it's his all-time favorite post of yours.