Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Jan 24th was my 29th birthday. All I can say is...time flies. This year will be my last year in my 20's, so I guess I better start living it up!

A few girlfriends took me out to a great Sushi place. My favorite part was when the restaurant turned out the lights and boy band (can't remember who) music started playing while they brought out the amazing cake Felicity had made. We had a great time! Thanks girls!


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When you get my age :) birthdays don't seem as special as they used to. This year Abby's excitement was so big it was hard not to have some of it rub off on me. She would hop in my bed every morning with bright eyes and a huge smile and say "Mommy, 10 more days until your birthday!". She did it every morning. I received hand made cards everyday from her saying "Happy Birthday, your the best" or "Happy Birthday mommy, I love you". She could barely sleep the night before my birthday. It's way too much fun having kids.

This clip is early in the morning, hence the puffy eyes:). Max put together a little happy birthday song with his invention kit. Note Abby's excitement.

Abby designed my birthday cake and with a little help from Charlie and Nana, it turned out perfect.


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What birthday of mine would be complete without some projects? I love projects and with my parents around to help (thanks mom and dad) I was able to do a bunch of them. Too many to list, but here is a clip of something my Dad and I cooked up in Max's room.


Christina said...

29!??!! geesh your young!! how nice!!i have to say life after 30 its pretty sweet--

looks like fun bday times with the kids..i think ryan's singing to you was way better then the boyband singing!

that contraption in max's room is out of control--how fun!! what is the weight limit on that?? has ryan given it a try yet??

Ann said...

Loved the update. I know you are getting more "mature" Leanne when your birthday is celebrated at a "a great sushi place" (:

Kliss said...

My boys are officially dazzled by Max's contraption. "Can we have one too?" I am with Charlie, I wouldn't ride that thing either. Happy Birthday you old lady.

Leanne said...

The weight limit is 220lbs and if I want I can rig it to hold 440. Yes, Ryan and I have both taken a few rides on it. It's pretty fun.

Christina said...

WHAT??? thats the weight limit?!?! im TOTALLY impressed now!! dang we should have installed THAT In our house vs the 35k elevator we just finished for jon to go upstairs! GEESH!
okay now we HAVE to see a video of either you or ryan in it---

Celine & Cameron said...

I'm totally impressed by that contraption you built- it's SO COOL!!

Emily said...

What a fun birthday! The project in Max's room is by far your best one yet. That is awesome!

Jared & Kelli Salter said...

We definitely need to see a video of Ryan going up it since Leanne weighs about the same as Max :)

PapaRandy said...

Congrats Leanne, and you know it will be "29 and holding" for many future birthdays too!

Ashley said...

So cool, Toby now wants one!

Ashley said...

So cool, Toby now wants one!