Saturday, January 19, 2008


While people were getting prepared to run the Carlsbad marathon, Max and I were up early ready to run the Keebler Marathon Mile for kids. Max had been training. He has been running around our house and having me time him. Usually it was only once around the house but he still felt completely prepared. We ran the race together and I couldn't have been happier. Watch out Felicity! I might have a new running partner :). Max won a National Treasure t-shirt and a pass to Lego Land. So, he spent the day at Lego Land with his friend Nathaniel and Nathaniel's mom. Ryan and I hit the beach with the girls.

Finish line!

Max and his good friend Nathaniel.

Max showing off his gold medal.
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Nothing says a good time like machine guns and a Keebler Elf.

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Ryan and Charlie........cute

The girls
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How could such a cute little girl get time out twice today?


Kimberly said...

Great job, Max! We're very impressed! Cute family, as always.

Max, better get your lucky t-shirt ready. May the best team win =)

Ang said...

Congrats to Max! What a fun thing to do together. As for the post below with family - It looks like so much fun, but he pictures of the beach are killing me. Snow has been on the ground for so long here. I shouldn't complain, it was nice to see Adam and you all having fun and at least someone is warm.

*megan said...

What a fun thing to do with Max. Loved all the photos. As for Charlie... it is all about the time outs around here for Miles too. It's a good thing they are so cute or sometimes we'd be tempted to give them back :)

Ann said...

If you decide to give either of them back (Miles or Charlie) I want them!

Congratulations Max!!! We are proud of you. Bet it's not the last race in life that you complete.

mike said...

Hey Max, we're so proud of you and the incredible race that you ran. I can't believe you won your first "GOLD MEDAL" AT 7 YEARS OLD!!! I'm sure you were pretty tired after such a long run. I hope you had enough energy left to have a fun day with your friend at Lego Land. We're coming to visit next week and will arrive on your Mom's birthday. I can't wait to see you and the girls. We'll have a blast! Love Pa Pa Mike

Ashley said...

Sounds like fun. Good job Max! Wish we were there to see it! Cute pictures as always.

Christina said...

oh how fun for you & max!

love all the photos--the one with ryan & charlie is precious..i thought he was trying to teach her to stand on the surf board or something..

the next photo of you on the sand with the girls is cute..i thought wow she even gets IN the sand box at the playground--i cant handle that! its really just a kitty litter box--then i realized you were at the BEACH! duh hello!

fun family photos too--ryans parents are just the sweetest ever!

ps: i swung past your house today-but you werent there!

Emily said...

Way to go Max! That is so awesome. Cute pictures of your fam.

Ashley said...

One more thing...Happy Birthday Leanne!!!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, Leanne! We're thinking about you today =)

Felicity May said...

Charlie-Tell your mommy you are just way to cute to be in time out!