Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Christmas Parties

My brother Adam and his friend Courtney came to visit for a late Christmas dinner. We had a great time and the kids loved playing with their uncle.

The kids couldn't wait for Grammy and Papa, Kelli and Scarlett, and Great Grandma Kelley to stay with us

We love Scarlett!


Ryan's sister Kelli and her daughter Scarlett came to visit all the way from Budapest Hungary. They must really love us!!!

A bunch of rain washed up a lot of bamboo and sugar cane onto the beach. Max and cousin Gavin put it to good use

Who wants to meditate when cousins are around?

Grammy was the official sand castle builder. Charlie and Abby kept her busy making them....sandcastles are meant to be smashed, right?

Charlie and Kelli on the pier

Nighttime stories with Papa

Great grandma Kelley and great grand kids

With Scarlett

Ryan's parents ,Randy and Ann, and the grand kids

The Chargers won!!! Go Team! We believe it's due to Max's lucky shirt

Charlie hula dancing on the pier

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I asked the kids if I could take their picture...this is what I got :)
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The End


Ann said...

Pictures bring back some sweet memories! Thanks for a memorable sun break. The room and board was fabulous but the grandkids were even more fabulous.

Emily said...

How fun that you got to see so much family. It's fun to see Adam.