Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Per Request

I have had a lot of requests to show the new house with our own stuff in it, so here it is. We love it and hope friends and family can come visit.

The entry way as you walk in

Living room turned into a billiard room

Family room

Dining room


Master bath

View from master bath

Girls room

Max's room

Master bedroom

There's a cool little round room off the master bedroom

I still have a bunch of projects in mind but we are excited about how it's coming.
We would love to have visitors!

The kids wanted me to blog the gingerbread house they made. Charlie was all dressed up to get married to Frosty the snowman.


Kimberly said...

Normally I would assume that you cleaned up to take those pictures, but I have a feeling your house is always that gorgeous. You did an amazing job decorating...we can't wait to see it in person. Where's the picture of our guest room?

Rachel said...

Holy shiz, that is beautiful. I always think my house is cute and decorative and creative until I see yours. And then I steal as many ideas as possible. The house is gorgeous, and maybe someday we will buy one nearby!

Ann said...

Everything looks beautiful. I love the view from the windows.

Christina said...

"We would love to have visitors!"

im packed and ON MY WAY GIRL!! i so love it!! you're house is like mine, clutter free/clean/simple..the views look like you are in hawaii--

you know i LOVE that front door & im still having front door envy--i clicked on the 1st photo and the front door showed up-how weird is that?? i also love all the ceilings..your house looks like a model!

curious-how do you clean those floors?!?! my whole downstairs is DARK WOOD FLOORS-ugh..its SUCH a process!!

too cute that she was going to marry frosty--

ps: email me your new address

Jared & Kelli Salter said...

AMAZING leanne.... i'm so excited to come in january.

Emily said...

I love it Leanne. I agree with Ann, the views are great.

Kliss said...

Very nice. It is so spacious! I love Charlie's wedding dress.

Nathan said...

Impressive decorating..as always. Looking forward to messing the place up on New Year's Eve. :)