Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Football?

Ryan loves watching football; however, every once in a while, he gets together with friends to play a little two hand touch football. The game usually turns into full tackle football. As a result, Ryan is usually too sore to move for about three days. As much as I don't get the whole football thing (he already has surfing right?) Today he was playing with Max. It was such a cute thing. They both woke up early and headed off to play some boys football. The girls and I met up with them a little later to cheer them on.

At one point in the game the ball hit Max in the face. A little blood was shed and he will be loosing his front tooth a little sooner than later. He was pretty proud of himself for "taking it like a man".

The Cheerleaders


Ann said...

Cute pictures. Max's daddy was quite the football player in his day. It's fun to see him showing the skills to Max.

Kliss said...

I bet Max thought he was so cool playing with all the big guys. Noah was just saying last night that football is a dumb sport, to which Matt replied that if he played it he would change his mind. Maybe it's time for Matt to follow Ryan's example. Which is just what I need, one more sport to haul him around to.

*megan said...

How fun that Max is big enough to play with the big boys.
Enjoyed the photos!

Emily said...

What a fun day and such cute cheerleaders!

PapaRandy said...

As I always say "Boys will be Boys". Max is really growing up!

Christina said...

oh fun for max--all of us hales (about 20 of us adults and kids mixed) played football & THEN soccer (WHAT were we thinking?!?!) during the thanksgiving holidays--i love that jons family is so active like that-just find us a park-some good grub-were good to go! i happy to report i made 2 touchdowns and 3 scored goals for soccer--doing the happy party goal dance now..

good going on the self portrait-those are always hard for me to do and with a child on top-impressive!