Thursday, December 20, 2007

The good old days!

I remember as a kid having so much fun exploring new and old places. It makes me so happy to see my kids do the same. They have discovered a place in the back, behind our house and have claimed it their own. They love it!

Hidden inside that little jungle is a world of pure imagination...

The beginnings of a great fort

Best Friends......

Their fort is decorated with some rusty nails strategically places onto various tree trunks, a broken "keep out" sign and a rope tied on to multiple trees for all sorts of adventure. Life as a kid is great!

The rain gave them a great opportunity to collect all sorts of organisms.

I know I can't be a kid again, but it's great to relive it through my children's eyes.


Emily said...

That's so fun. When did Max lose his front tooth? He looks cute.

Leanne said...

He lost his tooth shortly after the football game with the big boys. :)

Christina said...

oh too fun--my girls would LOVE it back there--i have to REMIND them to keep the bugs OUTSIDE!! im such a freak! i keep a constant supply of ziploc container to which the shove a pencil THRU the lids so that their new "pets" can breathe..they complete it with dirt, grass & rock "incase it wants to play" wrong!!

Kliss said...

What a great spot, it looks a little Bridge to Terabithia-ish.

Ann said... are a kid at heart!!!