Thursday, December 20, 2007

The good old days!

I remember as a kid having so much fun exploring new and old places. It makes me so happy to see my kids do the same. They have discovered a place in the back, behind our house and have claimed it their own. They love it!

Hidden inside that little jungle is a world of pure imagination...

The beginnings of a great fort

Best Friends......

Their fort is decorated with some rusty nails strategically places onto various tree trunks, a broken "keep out" sign and a rope tied on to multiple trees for all sorts of adventure. Life as a kid is great!

The rain gave them a great opportunity to collect all sorts of organisms.

I know I can't be a kid again, but it's great to relive it through my children's eyes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Per Request

I have had a lot of requests to show the new house with our own stuff in it, so here it is. We love it and hope friends and family can come visit.

The entry way as you walk in

Living room turned into a billiard room

Family room

Dining room


Master bath

View from master bath

Girls room

Max's room

Master bedroom

There's a cool little round room off the master bedroom

I still have a bunch of projects in mind but we are excited about how it's coming.
We would love to have visitors!

The kids wanted me to blog the gingerbread house they made. Charlie was all dressed up to get married to Frosty the snowman.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Football?

Ryan loves watching football; however, every once in a while, he gets together with friends to play a little two hand touch football. The game usually turns into full tackle football. As a result, Ryan is usually too sore to move for about three days. As much as I don't get the whole football thing (he already has surfing right?) Today he was playing with Max. It was such a cute thing. They both woke up early and headed off to play some boys football. The girls and I met up with them a little later to cheer them on.

At one point in the game the ball hit Max in the face. A little blood was shed and he will be loosing his front tooth a little sooner than later. He was pretty proud of himself for "taking it like a man".

The Cheerleaders