Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've had a fun holiday vacation! I took the kids to a petting zoo, the kids played with their cousins (Gavin and Miles), we went for walks and checked out some parks at nearby schools, and Saturday we decorated for Christmas. The kids can't wait!
Our Thanksgiving was great. Last year we were by ourselves and decided to keep it simple and buy everything from Boston Marketplace. It was good and really easy, minus the waiting in line for an hour to get it. This year it was just us again, but this time we decided to step it up a notch and I made everything. I think I was inspired after I saw Kelli's Thanksgiving blog. It turned out really good, minus the cleaning up after, which was a lot easier last year.

What were we thankful for?

Ryan: Good job and Family
Leanne: House and Family
Max: Family and friends
Abby: House, toys, friends, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Grammy, Papa, and cousins
Charlie: Santa

Thanksgiving Dinner

A while a go I decided to let my kids be creative with their food, hoping it would expand their food selection. Charlie is the most creative by far. This little creation consists of whole wheat bun, turkey hot dog and whipping cream.

Getting in the Christmas spirit. If you can't tell already ... Abby is the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh, Max is Santa, and Charlie is the princess elf.

Their celebration after delivering gifts to all the boys and girls in the world.

Charlie in deep thought.

Rock a bye baby

My little buddy

My Little Pony

Max and Spirit

Abby and Snowflake

Push up pops in the backyard

Abby being silly at nearby park

The bunnies were drawn to Max for some reason .. .maybe it had something to do with the fresh carrots in his hand.

This little ginny pig just laid back and waited to be fed. Abby loved it.

"Mommy, can we keep them?"


Emily said...

It looks like a great Thanksgiving! The pictures are so cute. I didn't notice at first but I love that as the reindeer, Abby is wearing bells around her neck. They are such fun kids.

Jared & Kelli Salter said...

Always glad I can inspire Leanne, that's not an easy thing to do :) I should of warned you about the cleaning up thing, you might of changed your mind!
Cute pics...


Christina said...

that 1st photo looks straight out of a magazine!! i loved the hanging background-why cant i be clever like that?!?! darn! there's always next year right--

i loved the "santa sleigh" girls did the same thing only they were the thanksgiving day parade..they had becca my youngest (3) on a chair being pulled by her 3 older sisters..they are too funny!

im not a pet fan--but enjoy letting the kids wander thru the petting zoo to go home to no pets! bonus for me! which by the way we found the lost hamster--random! only both of them died because the girls left them in the garage so they froze to death..obviously we are NOT good pet owners!!!

yesterday i decided to make a thanksgiving meal too (my goodness we had already had 2 of them at both sets of parents house!!) i didnt realize that it literally takes ALL day to cook it all!! i was exhausted when i sat to eat..but it was oh so yummy!

Ann said...

I agree with Christina...the Thanksgiving photo could have been the cover of "Martha Stewart Living". Wish Randy and I could have been in the picture. Loved the petting zoo shots and your back yard is beautiful!

PapaRandy said...

Great pics to catch us up on your family. Can't wait to make our next visit. Miss you all!

PapaRandy said...

Great pics to catch us up on your family. Can't wait to make our next visit. Miss you all!

Kliss said...

Your kids are adorable! I love the Santa sleigh. Now that you are all practiced up cooking Thanksgiving dinner, we should have it at your house next year.

Ang said...

Enjoyed the pictures of your kids. I'm curious if Charlie ate that full hotdog with cream. Sick! I also loved the sign in the back. How did you do the lettering on that?

Leanne said...

Ang...Yes, she did eat it all and had seconds! Thanks for the comment about the sign. Abby and I just cut out leaves with fall colors and glued them on brown paper then I cut out the letters in white paper and Abby glued them onto the leaves. Simple, but it took a little time.

Leanne said...

Ang...FYI. I got the idea from a sign at pottery barn kids. I bet they will be on sale now.